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Friday, April 07, 2006


You might notice that the recent posts in this blog is end with something like "Tags: xxx, xxx". That's what called Tags. (I feel I am a stupid by introduce tag in such a way)

I know many people like to start with definition. You may go to Wikipedia for definition. :D

From what I see, I will say tags is self-define and self-evolve way to categorize and labels contents.

Self-define is easy to understand. Those "Tags: xxx, xxx" footer is the best example on how I define my blog posting content category. But if this is what tags all about, then it make no different with HTML meta tag.

So here come the self-evolve. Look at the box with random font size tags in Flickr. These is generated based on the contents of Flickr. You will easily get an idea what the hit topic Flickr. The list of keywords and its font size will evolve from time to time to be best describing Flickr contents.

You can get such tag cloud easily. I am using ZoomClouds. You may also try others similar service such as TagCloud. ZoomTags even come out an idea of advertising with tags (which I personally feel that it is abuse the tags and concept of Folksonomy.)

I believe the tags will become more popular from time to time and it will be an important component of Web 2.0.

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