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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Google Analytics

After few days using Google Analytics, I was impressed with the statistic provided.

As many web traffic analysis service out there, it provide statistic such as page viewed, number of visitors, referral, etc. What make it good is that all these statistic is shown in a graphical chart.

The statistic it provide is very details, and it cover both item that required by webmaster and marketing. It is dificult for me to list out all item that Google Analyics provide. I cound only say that some info they provide is simply out of my expectation. For example, visitors flash version and network connection type, visitor geographic location, etc.

Technicallly, it is not difficult to collect all this info from visitors. However, we should aware that Google Analytics do not host your website. So we shall not compare them with web traffic analysis that come along with web hosting package.

What you required to do is just submit the domain or subdomain you want to monitor as a profile. Then include a few lines of Javascript into the end of your page right before tag.

Unlike many free web traffic that work the similar way, Google Analytics will not request you to display any links/icon on your website.

There is only one thing I feel that Google Analytics is below my expectation. It do not integrate with Google AdSense. As Googel AdSense do not provide much statistic for analysis, It will really help if Google Analytics can provide such info.

Overall, I have not much complaint on Google Analytics. The service it provide is so valuable, but it is free of charge.

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