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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Trying on Fedora Core 3

Recently just install Fedora Core 3 into my workstation on a logical partition. I have choose not to install all those developement related packages that bundle with Fedora but install them one by one after Fedore Core 3 installed.

Now, I had setup a JDK 1.5 and MySQL 4.0 on my workstation. With the RPM, everything is so easy. (One limitation is that I need to find out where are the file installed.)

Then I install MySQL Query Browser with tarball. It is easy since just extract the untar it to somewhere will do.

But when come to Apache HTTP Server, I have only tarball and need to build from that. I totally no experience for that. I hope by today I could set it up with a PHP5 as well today.

If everything have a RPM.....

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Leongz said...

Hi !

What a Cool Blog desc on Technology especially on Java.

RPM only works for RedHat Environment. Not on others distros (Mandrake, Debian.. etc) Instead, Tar ball will do! :D