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Sunday, August 14, 2005

A Cup of Tea (Developer Edition)

Most of developers eventually will face the switching of programming language or even development paltform one day. It is important to "empty yourself" when switching.

Learning a programming language is not just learning its syntax. It also include learning its coding convention and design concept. It is important to avoid your common practice in your most used programming language, else it will be a disaster, and it is not limited to the developer alone.

Imagine you are a ASP programmer who never learn Java. One day, you have to maintain a ASP web panel that is build by a Java programmer who also know ASP (syntax). It is definitely a Phd (Permenant Head Damage) job to maintain a Java-like ASP code.

So it is important to empty yourself before going in to a new technology.

P.S.:The story above is a true story. The "Java programmer who also know ASP (syntax)" is me. ASP programmer is now start picking up Java, just hope that I will not ask to maintain a ASP-like Java code in future.....

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