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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Reading List: July 2008 Wrapup

Just collection of article, blog post, etc that I come across and would like to share:

Scaling Your Your Java EE Application - Part 1, Part 2
Summary of various methods to make the application more scalable, vertically and horizontally.

Introducing Multithreaded Programming to JavaScript
In this multi-core era, everything multithreaded = good?

Java Performance Tuning: A Conversation With Java Champion Kirk Pepperdine
Interview that focus on Java performance tuning. Besides "measure, don't guess", "The box", also cover his opinion on dumb code vs complex code, etc.

Top 10 Concepts That Every Software Engineer Should Know
There is sure more than 10 concepts for software engineer to survive, but this is the top 10 from ReadWriteWeb.

Programmer Competency Matrix
Interesting matrix to do some self-evaluation. :P

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