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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Map Virtual Drive without Share the Folder

All the while when I want to map a folder to a virtual drive, I will share the folder then map it as network drive.

This approach have the limitation where it do not work on standalone PC that was not in any network.

Until recently I had learned a new way to do this, the subst DOS command. The details of these command can be found here.

One thing it not cover is that, if you just type subst alone, it will list all the virtual drive you had map using subst command.

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surface said...

If you are using linux, you can easily share your folders without need to worry whether you are in the domain network or not. As long as people can reach your IP in the LAN, people can actually can access your computer.

On another hand, if you can reach windows machine through LAN, you can actually mount the drive, and you will be accessing it like local machines without noticing it is actually goes through network.

Check out more linux commands tips at http://linux.byexamples.com

Lifes getting better because we got such alternatives.