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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Love Letter: Design Pattern Edition

Dear _______,

I am Singleton since the year I born and I never think of changing my State.

However, recently I start to feel I want to change and you are the person who make all these changes in me.

I wish you are more than just a Visitor in my life, and vice versa. So I decide not to hide everything to myself like a Façade. That the reason I write this letter to you.

Although all these time I look like I do not care, but you are actually more than a Flyweight to me. I do not show it out just because I used to be a MVC where View is decouple from Model and Controller.

You might feel it is unsecure to be with someone who used to be MVC and have so many Decorator that hide my true self. You might even feel that this is my Strategy to cheat you.

I unable to provide you any Interpreter to interprete my heart. What I can do is just promise to you that even I am cheating to you, I will try my best to cheat you until end of my life.

I can't give any promise to you because no one know the future. I do not wish to cheat you with any promise that i know is just my own Prototype.

I will try my best to build a Brigde among you and me. Wish you do not setup any Proxy among us.

Looking forward for your reply.

Thiam Teck.

(PS: No matter what your reply, I will not change my mind.)

(Inspired by Design Pattern: A Love Story)

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