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Monday, July 17, 2006

Empty Cells Problem

Web developer might experience the scenario where they display a table and some table cells do not have border due to that cell have no content.

The easiest ways is to fill the cells with data, so we normally will used the & nbsp; put a space into the cell.

Recently I am using Display Tag library to display HTML table. This is a very convenient and easy to used for rendering table from JavaBeans (those POJO type) within a Collection. But it miss out the fact that empty table cell need to be fill up with content to show the cell border.

You might think that why not just use empty-cells style properties of table so that empty cells will hav border. I had try that, it work in Firefox, but not work in IE version 5 and above. (may be I shall tell users that this site is best view with Firefox.)

It sound stupid to check every fields of my JavaBeans to replace null with & nbsp;. So I plan to modify the Display Tag code if I really cant find a solution.

I had submit a feature request to Display Tag, although I dont think this will be enhance before my project was due (end of this month). Wish to see this minor enhancement in coming version.

1 comment:

Thiam Teck said...

in the end, i modify the Display Tag code and rebuild it for my own used.

if u r interested bout my custome build, just drop me a mail.