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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Naming Convention for Open Source Package

In most of the time, java.*, com.*, net.*, org.*, sun.* are the 5 most common top package name used in Java according the naming convention.

For open source API, normally it is org.* with 2 exception: SourceForge.net's net.sf.* and GNU's gnu.*.

Just thinking why not having another convention for developer who would like to code and contirbute open source API but not under any opensource organisation.

I have 2 ideas about the convention:
1) dev.developername.* - this make the package name more unique, but a bit unfair for people who improve the package after its creation.
2) use the license name as top package name, i.e. gpl.*, lgpl.* - this give others a clear idea what license this package is fall, but the posibility of same package name for different package is high.

Both seem like not a good idea....:P

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