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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Proxool, JDBC Connection Pool

Most of the JDBC driver come with connection pooling implementation. But these implementation is rely on JNDI to work. When developer need to develop a desktop application that not going to deploye on any application server or any JNDI service provider, we need to implement our own connection pooling.

This is not a problem for a new development. But it will be a big impact if want to upgrade an existing application to utilise connection pooling. The reason is simple, most of the connection pooling implementation out there normally use the method with signature like getConnectionFromPool(), and returnConnectionToPool(Connection conn) instead of the standard JDBC method signature.

Proxool 0.8.3 had make the life easier. You may just open and close database connection like what you usually do with the standard JDBC methods. Then Proxool will handle the pooling for you behind the scene. It take the concept of proxy, that where it name 'Proxool' came from.

The only code need to change is to change the connection string and the driver class. It is simple and worth a try.

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