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Friday, August 12, 2005

IBM vs Sun Microsystem?

After supporting Apache Harmony Project. IBM had announce their support on Apache Geronimo Project.
IBM steps into open-source Java project
IBM Adds Support for Geronimo App Server

It is obvious that IBM is very aggresive in their recent moves in open source. Which is good for open source community.

However, IBM support to Harmony Project had make Java community not so harmony. It had a risk to break Java community into 2, since it tend to create another standard for J2SE!!

I just hoping Sun Microsystem will join the Harmony Project. Else it is possible that in future, developers need to make hard desicion among Sun's J2SE and Apache's (and IBM) J2SE.

IBM support to Geronimo Project had expand the battlefields of J2EE. It not only target at Sun Microsystem, but BEA System's BEA WebLogic as well.

JBoss is already eating the market share of BEA. It is foreseeable that BEA will face a tough challenge from Geromino. If BEA fail to survive, the winner in J2EE will most probably be the one that success in the acquisition of BEA.

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