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Saturday, August 27, 2005

I hate Block Checker

Yesterday, I receive a link from friend about Block Checker (do not download anything from this site!!!). It is a software to check a person REAL status in IM, whether it is really offline or I am blocked.

I admit I am too curious, I have install it and test with a few offline contact on my contact list. Then I feel very guilty of do such checking and I uninstall it.

After 5 minutes of uninstall, I look for someone to chat. My YM! send the same promotion message to that person. I try with MSN Messenger, it send the same message too! And even worst, both of my friend are as curious as me, they install it...

I feel like being cheated and betrayed. It is really a shame for a software engineer to download a spyware (Block Checker are proud to claim itself spyware free with it own definition of 'spyware') and install it. And it tell everybody I have install this spyware after I uninstall it.

After a few attempts, I successfully removed it from my PC with following steps:

  1. Open 'Task Manger', go to 'Processes Tab', end the process called 'block-checker.exe'
  2. go to Folder C:/Program Files/Block Checker/, rename all files with some others file extension
  3. Delete this folder
  4. Reboot PC
After I remove this software, I go to the website to find out more about this software. I founnd the following:

How can I disable the Block Checker tell a friend program?
Block Checker has a powerful fun feature to tell your friends about Block Checker without the headache of telling EACH friend about it. This is how we let other people know about our application. If you wish to remove this function from our software you can do so by downloading this tool (if in the event our uninstaller doesn't work use this to remove it) .
What a fun feature. That why I hate this Block Checker. I strongly recommend u do not try this software, because it send out promotional message when your friend look for you to chat as well.

If you really want to know whether I have block you. Just ask directly to me. I wont lie to you.

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